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Slim Collective SERVICES

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Sound Equipment


Any track needs to be properly mixed in order to sound professional. Are the vocals getting drowned out by the drums? Is the snare not punching through the mix? Through my mixing services, I will fine tune every layer to give your track the glue and balance it needs.

Image by Duncan Kidd


Need a beat for the basis of your next production? Then you've come to the right place. With the word 'Beat' in my artist name, you can rest assured that I will create the perfect beat for your project.

Mixer Keys


Mastering is like the cherry on  top of a sundae; without it, the sundae(track) is incomplete. Through my mastering services, I will give your track that extra polish it needs to take it to the next level and make it stand out

Image by Elijah Merrell

Podcast Audio

Are you working on a podcast episode, but don't know how to properly cut, splice, edit, and mix the audio that you recorded for it? Look no further, because Slim has your back. With years of experience in audio editing, I can make your podcast shine.

Music Recording


Whether you need a soundtrack for a movie or video game, a jingle for your latest commercial, or a track for the intro

to your YouTube channel, I can create a composition that will blow you away.

DJ Party


Whether you need a DJ for a wedding, club, party, festival, or even a radio station, I can fulfill your DJ needs. With a flight case, professional mixer board, and industry standard software and hardware,

I can create a memorable experience that you won't forget.

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